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Math, Intermediate Representation, Compressible Flow, For Scramjets. MirgeCOM aims to be a library of parts from which scramjet simulations for the Center for Exascale-Enabled Scramjet Design (CEESD) at the University of Illinois can be built.

Here’s an example, to give you an impression:

import numpy as np
import pyopencl as cl
from pytools.obj_array import flat_obj_array
from grudge.eager import EagerDGDiscretization
from grudge.shortcuts import make_visualizer
from mirgecom.wave import wave_operator
from mirgecom.integrators import rk4_step
from meshmode.array_context import PyOpenCLArrayContext

cl_ctx = cl.create_some_context()
queue = cl.CommandQueue(cl_ctx)
actx = PyOpenCLArrayContext(queue)

dim = 2
nel_1d = 16
order = 3
dt = 0.75 / (nel_1d * order ** 2)

from meshmode.mesh.generation import generate_regular_rect_mesh
mesh = generate_regular_rect_mesh(a=(-0.5,)*dim, b=(0.5,)*dim, n=(nel_1d,)*dim)

print("%d elements" % mesh.nelements)

discr = EagerDGDiscretization(actx, mesh, order=order)
fields = flat_obj_array(
    [discr.zeros(actx) for i in range(discr.dim)]
vis = make_visualizer(discr, order + 3)

def rhs(t, w):
    return wave_operator(discr, c=1, w=w)

t = 0
t_final = 3
istep = 0

while t < t_final:
    fields = rk4_step(fields, t, dt, rhs)
    if istep % 10 == 0:
        print(istep, t, discr.norm(fields[0], np.inf))
        vis.write_vtk_file("wave-eager-%04d.vtu" % istep,
                [("u", fields[0]), ("v", fields[1:]), ])

    t += dt
    istep += 1

(This example is derived from examples/wave-eager.py in the MirgeCOM source distribution.)

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